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Clay coating / clay wrap - 1,7 kg

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Bentonite Clay packs have strong draining impact and they withdraw toxic substances from your body. If you have decided to use clay packs, be disciplined and do not stop with the treatment, not even temporarily, because the clay is very active and induces processes that have chain reaction throughout your body. The therapy should last at least 20 days or longer, depending on your problem.

Always start your treatment with smaller and short lasting packs: pack should be 1 cm thick and you should leave it work for only an hour. If after one week treatment you don't have reactions and your body tolerates clay well, you can use the following week 2 cm thick packs (2-3 cooking ladle of clay) and extend duration up to 4 hours (max). Repeat the treatment for at least 20 days or until you improve or elimination you problem. You may use clay packs for several months, there is no limit. If the clay dries during the treatment, remove it no matter how long you did the treatment. Also remove the clay if you develop severe pain. Repeat the treatment the next day – covering the affected area with clay packs. Given how much the clay is effective and what reactions it provokes we must not use at the same time clay packs on several important organs. You should also take under consideration the body's resistance of the patient, so he/she won't be too tired because of too frequent clay packs treatments.

IMPORTANT ORGANS: liver, kidneys, gall, lungs.
You can have at the same time only 3 clay packs on your body.
Example: you can have one clay pack on your liver, put the other two clay packs on your knee or arm.

You can immediately start with thicker clay packs: prepare a piece of fabric made of natural fibers (cotton, flax, linen, gauze, ...) size approximately 20 x 15 cm. Apply 3-4 tablespoons of clay on the fabric and put it on the painful area, gently wrap it with a bandage. Leave it for no more than 3-4 hours. Remove the clay if you develop severe pain and repeat the treatment the next day. If the clay dries during the treatment, remove it no matter how long you did the treatment. With injuries there are sometimes enough 5-10 clay packs treatments, when treating disease in your extremities it takes sometimes up to 3 months, depending on the individual.

The clay can be used cold, warm or hot, depending on the case. Warm clay can be used for bone tissue regeneration, kidneys, bladder, lungs, abdomen and chest. In the case of inflammation and swelling the clay sould be used cold.

Put the jar with clay in much bigger container. Pour water into container, so that it is at least half full. Place the container with jar and water in it on the fire and allow it to reach the desiredtemperature of 50-60 ° C, then immediately remove it from heat. Heat only as much clay as needed for one coating. Clay should not be heated twice.

INCI: Clay from Komenda SLO, aqua

Hand made in Bolus s.p. Slovenia